viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

I add some color to the life through my graphic art

Some of my paintings (old stuff)

Color may call the attention. Call it commercial, shocking, attractive but let's face it; the world has became more colorful and I wouldn't want to be left apart from it's possibilities.
I see, in the human skin, variations of tones; i don't believe in skin color as you can buy the pencil with it's name. Skin is blue, is green, is purple, is red, is yellow..
Thanks to the impressionist for letting me see it!

My own designs
From a fashion drawing course i took.

An unfinished acrylic on canvas

From a Natalia Vodianova portrait
Oil on canvas

Imagine being an Oxford student...
Oil on Canvas

Pencil on paper

Dakota Fanning
Acrylic on canvas

Shall you be my spring goddess?
Pastels on paper

Charcoal on board

Portrait of my stepmother with her daughters
Charcoal and acrylic on canvas

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  1. i find the fashion drawing really interesting, the "oxford student" too!