sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

From Paris with love

Lunch during a sunny Montmartre

Having a café at Le Marais

The great Margiela team (2009)

Love my paper dress

L'atelier 59 rivoli

Rubens's fighting godess

A napoleonic seat

Le Petit Palais (July 2010)

Fell in love with this dress at the couture ballroom

"Lucian Freud, L'Atelier"
Centre Pompidou (March 2010)

"Edvard Munch ou l'anti-cri"
Pinacothèque de Paris (March 2010)

miércoles, 11 de agosto de 2010

The person behind the photo

Annie Hall shelí (of me)

Tati Cotliar

the super model...

...or breaking model


My movie character, je t'aime mon plus.

I feel a new era of models are changing the trend nowadays. Indeed we are all changing it by supporting a more realistic profile. With all the blogger's buzz and the fashion public influencing so much the market, people are looking for normal models, with who they can feel identified. "The unreachable" is something so out today.

The person behind the photo. The person who likes to style and buy cloth as well.
Blogging is changing the direction of the fashion market, cause in the end fashion is business and what sells is what a client sees that she can wear as well. And the client wears what's real, the real size, the real piece, the real person modeling it.

When I met Alex Wang I entered the office in the middle of a meeting saying what I thought without filter ("Wow, so this is you? you are soo young!"). A few days after I was confirmed for the resort mostly because of my words, and there were other great models in the casting believe me. It was the best reason of getting a job i've ever had!! Cool, spontaneous, fresh; this is what they wanna have from you cause this is what they want for their image, cause this is what we are all requesting. And thank you for asking for it.

We are like everybody else and I like to enter a casting always thinking in the person behind the photo that I am.

And i buy cloth and write a blog as well so we are all in the same group.

Thank you for being open minded and diverse.We move the fashion as well, congrats!

lunes, 9 de agosto de 2010

I've been out last week but will be posting something very soon.

À bientôt!