sábado, 22 de octubre de 2011

In the search of the art of "unblocking"

Frieze Art Fair
October the 15th.
Regent Park, London, UK

Wow, it's been long time since last post. Every time I tried to write about something new, I stopped my intentions as thought it wouldn't be good enough. I consider myself a perfeccionist and over exigent, which only blocks my willings to update you with my stuff and things i've seen recently.
On the last few months I've been fighting against myself; against this part of my brain that wouldn't let me simply express without fears.

I always say that the most difficult task for an artist is to go back to that kid we once were who didn't have a filter already of what to show and say or what not to. What happens next to that kid is ACADEMICISM. He's grabbed into the society and is prohibited with certain things. He doesn't have a "no" until he's abstracted with the mass to what is consider proper behavior. He's taught to draw first and then paint. He's taught which are the geometric forms; that the sun is yellow and the sea is blue; which is the skin color and which the shape of the moon.

Back to what concerns me today: it's been long since I hadn't had a free day and today I allowed me to stay at home (maybe because of my throat ache). I've decided to let my snobbish side weaken a bit.

It's been a week and 2 days since I arrived at London. I spent my first day walking around The Frieze Art Fair and found it so inspiring that I had to return on the next day.
Although it was huge and crowded I managed to pick my own selection to which i played being an art collector and able to buy them.

These are my highlights (sorry for not putting the name of the artist in most of them):

David Hockney

Georges Condo

Jim Lambie

Elizabeth Peyton

Long, isn't it? So I'll better go back to work and start saving for next year's Frieze...
As I say to everyone since the economical crisis that's going on around the world, art is the nowadays best investment. You just need to have the right eye to catch upcoming talents.

While a fashion victim spends her salary on a Chanel bag from ss 2012 collection that is only gonna be the new item for 6 months, an art collector spends it on an original piece of art that's unique and personal and nobody will ever have unless he sells it (and no need to sell as a "second hand" item for less than he bought it).

Welcome to the Art Market new era!