viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

Message for new year

Should we look forward to next year?
It's just how we measure timing, we need to control it and tag it in hours and days and months and years. But in the end we all have our own timing for everything. We control it, not the calendar. Some of us can do it faster, some take it slower. We do it when we feel it, no need to rush. I still have lots of things I would have liked to do in 2010, but I believe there's no end of the year; I end my own cycles when I feel I have completed the task.
New York may go quick, but we are not obliged to follow it. We are our own person and our own mentor.
I leave you with some self-portraits (its not that i like me, but recently its been a good task to discover myself by letting me sketch my own perception).

Happy new year!!
(It's always new year, don't tag it)