miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012

My Eden.

For the volume 7 issue 4 (spring-summer 2012) of the british fashion and art magazine Tank, I 've worked both as a model and artist to illustrate the pictures taken by photographer Pani Paul.

The shoot was based in the textures found to be a main subject in most of the collections of the season.

Simple photos with white background let me accompany and highlight the different textured pieces in a very soft and dreamy motive (always being loyal to the designer's piece).

Here are the results:

Below are some pictures of the making off (which was quite hard cause by that time i was always on a plane going from hotel to hotel, from shooting to shooting).
Between London, Paris and Buenos Aires, I have managed to create always a space used as an atelier. The atmosphere has always been so important to me to get inspiration. I've got this obsession about being in a harmonious space. And I believe in the importance of how the objects are displayed, because that changes our humor.

Atelier Rrose Selavy, Paris. 11/2011

I cut the picture and place it on the white paper to start designing the background for each shot.

Watercolors and acrylics at a dining table in London. 11/2011

Finally and more comfortable, at my own atelier in Buenos Aires. 12/2011


Hope you liked it! More to come soon...