miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012

My Eden.

For the volume 7 issue 4 (spring-summer 2012) of the british fashion and art magazine Tank, I 've worked both as a model and artist to illustrate the pictures taken by photographer Pani Paul.

The shoot was based in the textures found to be a main subject in most of the collections of the season.

Simple photos with white background let me accompany and highlight the different textured pieces in a very soft and dreamy motive (always being loyal to the designer's piece).

Here are the results:

Below are some pictures of the making off (which was quite hard cause by that time i was always on a plane going from hotel to hotel, from shooting to shooting).
Between London, Paris and Buenos Aires, I have managed to create always a space used as an atelier. The atmosphere has always been so important to me to get inspiration. I've got this obsession about being in a harmonious space. And I believe in the importance of how the objects are displayed, because that changes our humor.

Atelier Rrose Selavy, Paris. 11/2011

I cut the picture and place it on the white paper to start designing the background for each shot.

Watercolors and acrylics at a dining table in London. 11/2011

Finally and more comfortable, at my own atelier in Buenos Aires. 12/2011


Hope you liked it! More to come soon...

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  1. Que genial Nao! Te felicito y me alegra mucho esto por vos, tenes mucho para dar!! un beso enorme <3

  2. Felicitaciones, Naomi! Te admiro muchísimo, tanto como modelo como artista!



  3. I think it's wonderful that you are so creative. It seems you have such a passion for art, which you are very forward about. I love that! I follow Johan Lindeberg, and saw a photo shoot with you in his new BLK DNM line, then found out you were an artist as well (I wanted to see more of your work, so I found this... wonderful!). Anyway, I painted Johan in a page for the Sketchbook project, and thought you might appreciate it... http://mayersart.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/johan-pt-1/ and http://mayersart.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/johan-pt-2/

    OK, thanks for sharing your art! It's great!

  4. Hola Naomi! Mi nombre es Yael Varela y soy estudiante de la Universidad de Palermo de producción de moda, me gustaría hacerte un par de preguntas por mail sobre tu colaboración con las chicas de A.Y. not. Me encanta tu trabajo y el tema que estoy trabajando es la fusión entre el arte y la moda así que serías perfecta para la entrevista.
    Espero veas este comentario!
    Un beso

    Mi mail es yaelvarela@yahoo.com.ar o el de gmail.