viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

The color face of Paris

I've recently spent a stopover on a trip to Milán on this city as old and historic as Paris: Madrid.
It was 8 o'clock in the morning and I was still the only one walking around the "Plaza Mayor"; the cafés were being cleaned, yet to open around 10ish. Or girls coming back home from a long night. This city starts late, but the atmosphere's idea is simple: live friendly and happy.
Full of trees and green and flowers and colorful signs on the streets, I didn't allow myself to fall asleep although my jet lag tiredness.
Whether it is the Paseo del Prado, or the Plaza Cibeles or the Palacio Real or the Academia de Bellas Artes, the arquitecture is quite fabulous and neoclassical as the one you can find in Buenos Aires. And I couldn't resist to spending 4 hours in one of the best museums of the world which shows only paintings with a selective artist's list: Museo del Prado (with its large collection of Velazques and Goya's black paintings and the modern Murillo (who's colors I admire)). Not less important are the El Greco's long religious expressive paintings, which I felt amazed with staring at them in person.
And of course one of the most exciting things about Madrid is the food; fresh gambas, pulpo a la gallega, chipirones and churros with chocolate caliente. Nothing too expensive to be close to cities like Rome, Milán and Paris.
People in Spain live loudly.

"Heroínas" an exhibition of women in paintings at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza

A sketch i did from a painting of El Greco

Paseo del Prado (a public garden and blvd which goes from Plaza Cibeles to Plaza del Emperador Carlos V; in between you can find most of the museums to both sides).

The view from Palacio Real

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